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Red Light Therapy Bed

Red Light Therapy FAQs

How Does Red Light Therapy Differ From Laser Treatments?

Lasers use heat and concentrated light to vaporize or remove tissue. Red light therapy bed lamps produce no vaporization, and therefore do not cause inflammation. Red light therapy is one of the few non-invasive tools available that can reverse the appearance of aging skin, such as fine wrinkles and mottled skin tone.

How Many Treatments are Suggested?

For anti-aging treatments, the number of suggested treatments is 20 minutes four to five times per week for 12 weeks, then two to three times a week thereafter. Once desired results are acheived, a maintenance plan can be created.

For treatment of other skin problems, such as acne, fewer visits may be required.

Can Red Light Therapy Help With Weight Loss?

One 40 minute session of infrared light therapy burns up to 500 additional calories by raising your metabolism for the rest of the day. Therefore, receiving several red light therapy sessions in succession may help with weight loss.

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